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DIY Afterbirth Sitz bath

Child birth may come with stress especially if you do not have enough support. You will have to take care of your baby's needs like feeding, changing diapers while on the other hand you have to take care of your healing body and sometimes dealing with postpartum emotions. It can get worse if you have [...]

By | August 9th, 2017|All Tips, Pregnancy Motherhood&Babies|0 Comments

Postpartum accessories that will come in handy for you and baby.

Motherhood is fun but may not be an easy job, it needs commitment, patience and perseverance. Especially if you do not have much extra help around, and that is me literally. But hey somehow without a manual we get through it. Motherhood is a journey full of lessons especially how to handle certain encounters the [...]

10 Accessories that could make your pregnancy more comfortable.

An estimate average of 353,000 babies are born daily around the world according to UNICEF, so you can estimate how many women are pregnant as I write this. Yes the number must be big because we all love babies don't we? I mean babies are so innocent, adorable and they just make this world a [...]

Natural alternatives to vaginal tightening!!

I will never forget a discussion we had about natural alternatives to tightening the vagina in one of my forums and one lady said: The best solution to tightening your vaginas is having limited sex. What do you expect from having sex from Monday to Sunday. Me my vagina is in my control and I [...]

Stage 2 baby food ready for storage!

It is time for stage 2 foods for my baby and I prepared loads ready for storage. It will take me through the next month or so. Thought I should share you a bit of what I prepared. Stage 2 baby foods are foods with more texture and thickness and are introduced at 8 to [...]

By | September 17th, 2015|All Tips, Nutrition&Recipes, Pregnancy Motherhood&Babies|2 Comments

Ice cubes-Better way to store baby food!!

Sweet potatoes puree ready for storage.I thought I should write this piece because of my new experience of storing baby food. My baby started on solids a few weeks ago and like how any mother knows, it is an exciting time introducing solids for the first time. It feels like another milestone itself!I make my [...]

Coconut oil-The many things I use it for!

I buy my coconut oil in an organic shop in my area. For two consecutive times I found it out of stock. The next time I found it in stock I bought all the 5 tins on the shelf. I normally buy it in threes due to the different purposes I use it for around [...]

Breastfeeding-my first ever experience!!

As I sat down today, I remembered my first ever breastfeeding experience. I keep wondering why no doctor, no midwife, no nurse et al gave me at least a warning of what to expect especially as a first timer. All this while I knew ahh baby will be born breast milk will start flowing and [...]

By | September 17th, 2014|All Tips, Pregnancy Motherhood&Babies|0 Comments

Cranberries,why every woman should love them!

I love me a cup of cranberry tea every morning. I never knew the existence of cranberries until I got a bad Urinary Tract Infection (UTI) when I was pregnant and my midwife after the treatment recommended I take lots of cranberries. That was the point I learnt that these berries are good for fighting [...]

Cassava and twin pregnancy!!

So in one of my birth forums, a lady who would like to conceive twins asked about clomid and twin conception. One of her concerns was its safety as well as efficacy and efficiency in causing twin pregnancy. Most of the ladies advised her against taking this drug. And there was a particular lady who [...]

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