How to make onion syrup for cough

You know when you are pregnant there is a big limit to medication you can take against sickness. This includes flu and cough, onion syrup is one of the safest things you can use. I have been pregnant back and forth and this syrup was always my go to in case I caught a cold [...]

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10 Accessories that could make your pregnancy more comfortable.

An estimate average of 353,000 babies are born daily around the world according to UNICEF, so you can estimate how many women are pregnant as I write this. Yes the number must be big because we all love babies don't we? I mean babies are so innocent, adorable and they just make this world a [...]

Slow cooker Salmon over mixed vegetables recipe.

I slow cook almost all my meals, including fish. You got to love the slow cooker because not only will it give you soft, tender and juicy meats it is really a saver in many ways. When it comes to fish, I always pan fried or baked but you know the fish smell around the [...]

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How to store Essential Oils (organization ideas)

If you find yourself falling in love with essential oils like me, you will find yourself wanting to own every single essential oil. With this you will definitely need an organized method of storing your oils. When I started out with using essential oils, I started with 1, 2, the time I had 10 [...]

The essence and goodness of essential oils (Uses and health benefits)

You will find a number of recipes with essential oils in my book 242 Natural Skin-Care Recipes Great for Afro-Caribbean Skin. I am an essential oils bona fide!! Or let us just say an addict. I have been using essential oils for over two years now and they have been nothing but a life changer [...]

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(Reasons to begin the natural skincare journey (A-Z of dangerous chemicals in personal care products)

I recently released my book 242 Natural Skin-Care Recipes Great for Afro-Caribbean Skin. It covers my journey to natural skincare as well as plenty of natural skincare recipes. I can confidently say that natural skincare is the best thing I have ever done for my skin. And it is a journey I would encourage you [...]

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Understanding Eczema!!

Eсzеmа is a common ѕkіn соndіtіоn affecting millions of people that generally results from any superficial inflammatory process that involves the epidermis. It is very similar to another skin condition known as psoriasis and both have the same treatments. Eczema is characterized by itching, redness, pigmentation, crusting and scaling among other symptoms. People whо hаvе [...]

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Elderberries goodness!! (Health benefits, juice and syrup recipe)

It is that time of the year when our elderberries trees are blossoming with fruit, I personally find them beautiful especially the way the berries hang down on the plant. Elderberries also scientifically known as Sambucus Nigra have been used as remedies for a number of sickness in North Africa, Europe, North America, Australia and [...]

By | August 23rd, 2016|All Tips, Health&Fitness, Nutrition&Recipes|0 Comments

How to manage and keep flu away from our homes!!

Photo credit: The battle I fight with the flu virus reminds me of the battle I used to fight against mosquitoes before leaving my beloved tropical country. These tiny vectors of the malaria parasite were so stubborn. If you are still fighting against mosquitoes don't forget to check out this article out on how [...]

By | June 6th, 2016|All Tips, Health&Fitness|0 Comments

Natural alternatives to vaginal tightening!!

I will never forget a discussion we had about natural alternatives to tightening the vagina in one of my forums and one lady said: The best solution to tightening your vaginas is having limited sex. What do you expect from having sex from Monday to Sunday. Me my vagina is in my control and I [...]

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