flipped_tips (1)Hello there, I’m Stella, a mom and wife. My goal is to provide useful and wellness tips for healthier homes and therefore to make tipsfromstella a place with lots of valuable knowledge and information for wellness. I have a passion for science, learning, writing, health, wellness, beauty and fitness.


Why tipsfromstella?

I was pregnant with my first when I left my home country to settle with the love of my life in Europe, I had a lot of questions for many mothers I would see here and there. Questions like what did you do when you had this? What did you do to achieve this? How were things for you during this period? How did you go about this problem? How did you sleep during this period, and many more? I even found myself asking online friends I have even never met physically in order to seek for answers. You know how you see your favorite celebrity getting back to shape after weeks of giving birth while this was a totally different case from the women you grew up seeing around you giving birth, you get curious of how they did it. Some were really nice and always answered my questions even though we did not know each other personally; others saw my messages but never ever replied. With the latter I decided it was high time I made my own research to find answers for myself. I always gathered my useful information from books and online and then I thought to myself that I would probably be of help to another who may find herself in the same situation, a situation where you need answers from someone who has been there and done that. When I learned that I could do this through a blog, tipsfromstella was born.

If you ever find yourself in a situation where you need answers about pregnancy/motherhood, beauty/personal care, health/fitness, nutrition/recipes I am always here to share with you what I know and have learned from my own and other peoples’ experience.


Some additional facts about me

  • I am a laboratory scientist by profession. I have trained and worked in HIV&Infectious disease labs, Nutrition Labs and Malaria labs, both research and diagnostic before choosing to stay at home to raise my kids. Right before moving to Europe, I worked with the Uganda Virus Research Institute on HIV Drug Resistance.
  • I am obsessed with talent and creativity, I studied Fine Art for four of my schooling years and whenever I get a chance, I learn something new. I have learned sewing (I think it is pretty cool to have the ability to create projects with  fabric), hair dressing, knitting and crocheting (Though I was good at this from my childhood and I rarely practice because of time needed to finish projects).
  • I have always been sporty and can play a number of sports but I am really good at table tennis and it is my favorite sport. Cycling comes after it.
  • When I am not attending to my kids/husband/the home, writing or reading/learning , then I am in my kitchen trying out a new recipe or formulating my skincare products, listening to music, sewing, working out or making rounds with my bicycle or gardening.
  • I am an essential oils addict.
  • I love good food for this reason I chose to study Foods and Nutrition for two years in school.
  • I love and envy babies and kids, they are so adorable and innocent.
  • I am a shoe addict for this and many reasons I always have avoid shoe stores to avoid unnecessary purchases.